Spicer Art Conservation, LLC. has been caring for collections from museums, historical societies, state agencies, businesses, collectors and private owners since 1995. The focus has always been to provide long-term collection care and preservation of artifacts while working closely with the needs of the owner.

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Spicer Art Conservation is pleased to be part of the efforts to recover the earliest recorded sounds dating from 1878. In 1878, in St Louis, Thomas Edison's phonograph is demonstrated to an audience. The recording from that demonstration was captured on a piece of tin-foil which was later folded and stuffed into an envelope where it stayed until it was found in the miSci (formerly Schenectady Museum) archives. The Museum wanted to make it readable again and was told it could be done, but only if the ripped, creased, and crushed pieces of the foil could be flattened. miSci contacted Spicer Art Conservation and we were thrilled to take on such a unique task. Once it left our studios it went to California's Berkeley Lab where the surface was read by scanning the surface. Now, finally the sound has been revealed. The 1+ minute recording consists of a brass instrumental, the recitation of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Old Mother Hubbard" along with some laughter and inaudible speech. A more detailed account can be read on the blog at: Inside the Conservator's Studio and a viewing of the unveiling event can be watched at: www.misci.org


Gwen Spicer is a trained object, paper, textile, and upholstery conservator and Fellow of AIC. Her background includes treatment of a wide variety of artifacts, including paper, textiles, objects & upholstery. She often collaborates with other conservators in order to create the best expertise that the project demands. This allows for a greater variety of artifacts to be treated and services performed.

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